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Frequently Asked Questions

We are glad to welcome you on the page of our assistance.

We will try to answer some of the most important questions that you may have already encountered.

How to make an order?

  1. In order to start your booking, first, you need to choose the form on the main page corresponding to the purpose of your trip – «transfer» or «Time rental». Then, please, fill in all fields of the selected form. 
    • -the form «transfer» is needed if you’d like to book a flight from point A to point B (for example, you are planning a trip from the airport to the hotel).
    • -the form «Time rental» is suitable if you need to rent a car with a driver for some time to organize your further trip independently.
  2. On the next page you’ll be asked to choose a car suitable for your purpose. It is important to pay attention to the number of passengers and pieces of luggage. (If you have additional questions, you should call +49 30 2084 996 33). 
    Also, on this page you can edit or change information about your route, entered at the earlier stage. To make correction at this stage you need to click on the edit button on the left.
  3. On the third page, you need to specify number of passengers and to enter required payment information. 

Our car rental services are divided into 2 types:

  • the rental for the transfer from point A to point B. (e,g, the airport – hotel)
  • the rental of the car with a driver on a temporary basis. For example, you can rent the car service from Monday, 19.30, to Friday, or from 25 September to 5 October (for details, see the explanation of paragraph 4).

For making of such an order you need to perform the following manipulations: 

(but, first, please, visit page 2, where you are offered to choose a car)

  1. Add your return transfer; then the form will be automatically filled in based on your previous data, but with changed locations (e.g. airport-hotel is changed for hotel-airport). In this case, you only need to change the field with the date of the upcoming services.
  2. Add the new transfer. The on-screen information will be exactly the same as you previously entered. You can edit it on your own.

Using these options, you can create invoice (order) with an unlimited number of services which, if desired, you can easily remove separately.

You can view your orders. They are seen at the top of the site under the line of steps (1.2.3) in the form of green blocks. Please, click the arrow to view the full information. There you can perform the following actions concerning the pre-selected order of your transfer: to delete or edit it.

For those who chose the option «Time Rental».

On the second page, you will be offered Daily schedule for each day, where the default time is set from 9.00 am to 19.00 corresponding to the time zone of selected city.

You can manually change all the items of start and end of our services at your own discretion (you can change that by pressing EDIT on the left). Then press the orange button “update the schedule» 


You can pay your order by credit card or other methods presented.

The cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, issued in the name of a person or entity, are accepted for payment

To pay by card, you go to a special secure page of our our partner «SIX».

Payment amount is not withdrawn but it is blocked for a while. This allows you to quickly return the funds in the event of interruption of the order.

The following reasons:

  • Insufficient funds on your card;
  • You make a mistake when entering the card number, expiration date, CVV / CVC code;
  • Your bank has set limits on the amount of payments produced

during the day;

  • Your bank has banned the payment through the Internet, or you must authorize payment service via the Internet by contacting your bank.

If for any reason you cannot make a payment of the services, call the technical support of your issuing bank over the phone, indicated on the back of your credit card, and describe the problem. Your bank probably will help you.


After a successful payment, a notice with the attached invoice will arrive at your specified e-mail address. Also, in our system your account will automatically appear where you can see the section of my account booking confirmation and download the paid invoice.

That invoice which shows the amount exceeding 0, is the confirmation of your order and it is also the guarantee of our service rendering (see terms & conditions)

(Presence of the digit 0 in the line of the amount of the order indicates that your order is only a pre-order which requires additional confirmation via phone calling the number +49 30 2084 996 33).

The user menu is in the upper right corner of the page. With this option you can see your profile and change the language and currency.

You will also receive 2 additional sections – “Trips/Transfers” and “Booking Confirmations” where you can check all current information.

It is worth remembering that one order can include a few trips!

Changes and Cancellations

To change the order, you must call the number +49 30 2084 996 33.

Order Changes are possible on the basis of maintaining the same amount for the services. If your changes affect the cost of the order, you must first remove the old order and make a new one.

The order can be canceled without penalty within 24 hours prior to travel. If you cancel after the deadline will be charged a penalty equal to the cost of the trip will be charged.

To cancel a reservation, call +49 30 2084 996 33 or enter your Account and in the section Trips cancel the trip which is not needed any longer.

For some time the funds are not withdrawn from your credit card, but they are only blocked. With timely cancellation of the order, your money is immediately unblocked and becoming available to you.

If the funds still have been removed from your card, you should immediately contact us by phone call +49 30 2084 996 33.

You can use only a part of your order, if you do it during than 24 hours or less after you make your booking order.

After this time you can make only 100% cancellation.

Proceedings of the order

The day before the execution of your order, we will obligatory send you information about the driver.

We are also glad to inform that in the near future you will be able to receive the same information online, on your account as a gift to “My trip” section.

You can easily identify him. The driver provided by our company will meet you at the airport or in the hotel lobby with a name plate in his hands.

We also strongly recommend you to turn on your mobile phone upon arrival.

If you could not find the driver provided to you for some reasons, please call +49 30 2084 996 33.

In case of cancellation of a flight, please, inform us without delay by phone +49 30 2084 996 33

The driver has to wait for you in the event of a delay of your flight, while waiting 30 minutes for free.

If you carry luggage of custom sizes (for example, bikes, skies, wheelchair and so on), It is obligatory to enter the notes when ordering or to call +49 2084 996 30 33. Then we will respect your wishes anddiscuss with you the possibility of offering you a suitable car.

If you are going on a trip with your child, you should report it by phone +49 30 2084 996 33.

We will consider this and give you a car suitable for traveling with children.

Technical problems

If you have any difficulty in filling the fields with the address of the beginning of the trip and \ or the final destination at the time of online registration, then please call +49 30 2084 996 33

We shall make your reservation manually and send you the finished prefilled order, then you will pay it on their own.

If you have forgotten your password, enter the menu, select «forgot password” and follow the instructions.

If you do it, but it does not work for some reason, please call +49 30 2084 996 33, and you will be connected with the IT department where our people be happy to help.

If you come to “trip” section or the “invoice” and for some reason are unable to download the PDF document confirming the order, you should do the following:

Restart the page where you are

Clean the cash of your browser, then re-login to the system.

If you have any difficulties with the execution of these actions, or they have not been successful, then please call +49 30 2084 996 33, then you will be connected with the IT department where you are sure to be helped

Unexpected situations

Such situations are fortunately very rare. But if you still had such a situation and you were not met according to your invoice, then immediately call +49 30 2084 996 33.

In some cities, there is a possibility of an urgent operational transport.

In all other cases, we provide taxi and reimburse the difference.